Monday, January 4, 2010

Clamming at the Ocean

This past weekend we went to the Ocean Shores to go razor clamming. We got our limit each day (15 it is). We came home with 200 + clams!

It was Grant's first overnight trip and he did great. The first night he stayed up way past his bedtime (we may have a partier on our hands). Kyle's friend, Mark, has a great house on the jetty and he graciously let use it.

Mom and Dad on our way out to clam

So sleepy!
The ladies cleaning clams- Mom, Audrey, and Esther.

Kyle fixing the dishwasher wiring. What a handy hubby!

I got addicted to a video game. Here is Robin and I playing.

More cleaning.... It takes hours to clean all of those clammies.

Poppy was there and was supervising the clam cleaning from on top of the fridge.

The Woods boys.

Audrey and Robin
Greg and me- notice the fancy yellow dish gloves.

Grant sees his first razor clam.

My favorite photo of the weekend. My boys taking an afternoon nap.

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