Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mr. Pickle Pants

We have been focused on our kitchen project. In fact, it has been consuming our life. Pictures will come later, after the new countertop is in.

Grant has been busy per usual. He has about a dozen words in his little vocabulary. Sometimes he blurts out words really clear, like this weekend he said "motor" but I am not counting it because I could not get him to say it again.

-nay nay (bink)
-wow (said in a whisper)
-done (this is VERY useful)
-uh (for uh oh)
-ahhh (like a diet coke commercial)
-woo woo (siren)
-dat (accompanied by finger pointing) is tight! Below are a couple of Grant's 11 month pics. We got some funny faces this time.

Speaking of tight. These are the size 18 month pjs I bought on sale last winter thinking they would fit around Christmas- so much for that!

Take a gander at those curls!

Like father like son- ignoring the bath safety rules:
1) We don't stand in the tub
2) We don't yank the faucet cover off

Thanks to aunt Monika Grant has discovered pickles and he loves them.
A special hello to Great Uncle Hank and Aunt Charlene. We hear you love to read the blog and we are so glad you are enjoying it. We love you and look forward to our visit in October!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Full Speed Ahead

Our little man is on the loose. Grant has been walking for a little over two weeks. He is very busy exploring, chasing kitty, and just plain cruisin' around. His little walk is so cute, a little unsteady, but top speed!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

W is for Wedding and Watch Out!

Dum, Dum, Da, Dum....

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Woods! Kyle's cousin had a gorgeous outdoor wedding in late August. We also joked and called it our "date night" since we were babyless. We did lots of dancing with our dance crazed niece and nephew. I took a couple shots of the decor. It was a rustic and sweet decor. The mason jar glasses were adorable!

We have had some great little end-of-summer outings. The Evergreen State Fair, the park, the front yard. He is our curious, adventurous boy who loves ice cream!
Our big news is that we have a baby on the loose. Yes, as of 9/2 he was walking 10+ steps, now just a few day later he is already running. WATCH OUT! Pictures and video to come shortly!

Little LaConner Visit

A little visit to LaConner to see G&G Woods and of course Ollie the famous, super chill kitty.