Tuesday, October 27, 2009

3 Weeks Old

Today is Kyle's first day back to work and Grant is offically 3 weeks old. Time sure flies when you are sleeping in and changing diapers left and right. I hope time slows down a bit so I can enjoy this time home with my guy.

We visited Kyle's parents yesterday and Esther is looking great after her most recent (and hopefully final) surgery. Grant showed off for his grandparents and rolled over from his tummy to his back- 3 times. My mother saw him do this a few days ago but it just did not register that he could actually roll over. I mean he is just three weeks old, which is very early for this kind of thing. This is the first sign that he has Kyle's athletic genes!

This picture below is of Grant in a 1 year old onesie. I am going to take his picture in this every month to watch how fast he grows.
These are some of Kyle's baby photos. Look at all of that hair!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The First Few Days....

The first few days at home have been wonderful and much better than we expected. We are adjusting quite well despite the new schedule. At night we sleep two hours, feed and then slap on a new diaper, sleep 2 hours...... We actually do not feel too tired. I think we are just so excited to have our little guy. He really squeals for food and when he gets changed. "Oh, that air is so chilly" he says!

Today, Grandma and Grandpa W came by for a visit and brought Great Grandpa Woods. Here is a photo of the 4 generations of Woods' boys (Bill, Ken, Kyle, and Grant).
Here we are getting ready for our first walk. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous this week and we thought it would be nice to get some fresh air and try out the stroller before the rain comes. He loved his first ride and he slept through it all despite the bumpy sidewalks, wind, and a bit of Dad's crazy driving.
Saturday was Grant's first Husky Football Saturday. Grandma and Grandpa H watched the game with us at home and we had the fist apple crisp of the season (delicious!). Aunt Marcie brought the newest Husky fan a cute little hat. Thanks to the lucky hat, we managed to scrape by and win the game.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Welcome Baby Grant

Grant Hagen Woods

Tuesday, 10.6.09
8:55 a.m.
6lbs 12 oz
19.25 in
Kyle and I are so excited to announce our baby boy has arrived! He is a sweet baby and has a very gentle demeanor (so far). It is so hard to tell whose traits he has yet, but he definately has the Woods' frown face. He has a good amount of dark hair and big hands and feet. Is that baseball we see in his future??
The labor went much better than I imagined. It started with gentle aches and contractions at work on Monday and then after dinner, they grew stronger. By 1:00 a.m. we were at the hospital and 4 cm along. By 2:30 a.m. we were 8 cm along. Then I got the epidural and the labor stalled a bit, but boy was it a relief! We were released from the hospital at 1:00 p.m. today and feeling very comfortable and content at home.

Thanks for all the well wishes and stay tuned for more photos and baby news!