Friday, September 14, 2012

Getting into the Groove

Wow, these have been a busy 4 weeks since baby Bryce has arrived and boy do we miss our sleep!   Here is a little photo sampling of what we have been up to recently. Mostly, losts of time at home with rushed trips to Target or the grocery store in between feedings.
Grant will be more excited when Bryce can walk and talk. He thinks he is pretty boring right now, but does like to give him hugs and sing him songs.

This is Grant at Collin's baseball game. He is our little social butterfly. He came home with this catcher's helmet and some baseball cards, all given to him. He loves the helmet and wears it as he runs around the backyard.

 We see Bryce's eyes more and more, even though he is sleeping in all of these photos. He (of course) loves to watch Grant and knows his mommy's and daddy's voice and likes to look at our faces. He sleeps 3-4 hours at night and it can be stretched a little longer if Kyle is snuggling with him in the rocker. His favorite thing of all is to be held- our little snuggle bunny!

Grant is obsessed with corn and it does not help that he and Kyle pass by 3 corn stands on their way home everyday. He requests it almost daily and loves to help shuck it.

Passed out after an afternoon of playing hard in the summer. Notice the book he is sleeping on -- comfy!

 Amanda with her new cousin- so cute!

Here we are picking veggies in Snohomish. It was a great (and cheap) outing. I think we picked all we wanted and paid under $4! Grant loved the dirt and went back and forth between catching a ride and wanting to pull the wagon himself



Saturday, August 18, 2012

Baby Bryce

Introducing Bryce Scott Woods

8lbs 7oz

20 inch.

6:46 p.m.

Lots of dark hair like daddy!

Baby Bryce is here! I have been meaning to write this post since we arrived home from the hospital on Wednesday, but time just seems to be melting away.
For those of you that want the full documentary of Bryce’s arrival … here it is!
It all started on Monday, just my second day off from work. Grant and I were home by ourselves. I felt especially tired that morning so kept things low key- but did manage to squeeze in a quick trip to Starbucks. My late morning, I was watching Grant play in the pool and feeling some minor cramping, but they were very inconsistent and hard to detect. By noon I was sleeping on the couch while Grant watched cartoons and when a contraction woke me up I figured I was probably in labor. I called Kyle at about 2 and said he should probably come home, but that it was no big hurry.
Mom and Dad had planned to pick up Grant at 4:30 p.m. and take him to the Mariner’s game. We continued on with that plan, but by that time my contractions had started to hurt – but were bearable and about 10 min. apart. The next hour is kind of a blur. My contractions sped up and I told Kyle we should probably call triage to see if I should come in. They were not the 5 minutes I was waiting for and so I was in no hurry. Well, once we got in the car at 5:45 p.m., the contractions started really speeding up to about 3 minutes apart and by the time we were at admission I could barely keep my composure but I still managed to dig out my insurance card and license!

Once admitted, at 6:15 p.m., they checked me and I was already at 8cm (10 being the optimal #). We were shocked. The nurses literally threw me on a bed and rushed me up the elevator and to my room. Nurses were saying, “call Dr. Jordan” and when we arrived at the room I was motion sick from the crazy bed driving. It was chaotic. The nurse was trying to get the IV for my epidural, but it was taking forever. I had double the nurses because I hit the shift overlap and they were all running around because the room I was in was not fully stocked. Dr. Jordan arrived and shortly thereafter my water broke and I was told there was no time for drugs. I was devastated!
By 6:46 p.m. baby Woods arrived. He had a head full of dark hair and was much chubbier than Grant. He cried right away and for the first 15 minutes had no name. Those of you that know us know that we could not make up our mind, Gavin – Reid – Reece, well Kyle had the final say and picked Bryce, like Bryce Canyon and Scott after Kyle’s middle name.
I still cannot believe he is here! We are doing great and just finding our rhythm now. We are looking forward to all of you meeting him. In the meantime, enjoy these pictures.

And no, I do not have three boys, just two. That's my nephew, Connor, in the pjs.

Monday, April 9, 2012

The best Easter yet- must have been that sun

Amanda was so sweet to take Grant on quad rides. She was so careful and Grant just loved it. Look at him holding on - so cute!

As you can see, Grantie was channeling the 80s.
We had such a fun Easter weekend with lots of family time and candy eating. Grant likes chocolate the best and got to be pretty good at hunting eggs. He liked to shake the eggs before putting them in his basket -- and open them to sneak chocolate mid-hunt.
When we were home I was busy cooking making homemade cinnamon roles and two batched of my scalloped potatoes.
And Grant is very into the Wizard of Oz. On our way to Maple Valley he had us all singing the munchkin song, scarecrow song, yellow brick road and it goes on and on. I remember watching that moving 3 times in a row once when I was a kid.

Collin, Amanda and Grant

Grant was so pumped he ate nothing.

His Paul Frank sunglasses from Auntie Marcie were a huge hit.

The new smile...

P.S. Monika took all the great looking photos!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Merry Snow!

Here is a few pictures from Christmas and playing in the snow this week.

Grant loved Santa. Here he is asking Santa "where is your sleigh?" and "where is your deers?" He was not afraid of Santa one bit - that is our outgoing little guy. Just this weekend he wanted to know where the tree went and were Santa went. He's at the North Pole getting ready for next year, we say.

Cousin love.
Grant has had so much fun in the snow. The other night when my parents were over we went for a walk in the neighborhood. Grant laid on his back on the sled and sang twinkle twinkle little star the whole way - it was adorable. His favorite thing to do is belly flop into the snow and then open his mouth for a little snow treat.

The Fam

Here are some fabulous family pics Monika took for us. It is so fun to have some new pics with all three of us!

If front of an old out house. Grant requested "the moon, the moon" for a picture shot.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Little G is two!

Grant is so big! He is talking up a storm. He says his abcs and can count to 10. He is such a sweet, funny little man. He continues to be obsessed with all cars and all things that drive including shopping carts and lawn mowers. He loves to dance and entertain anyone who will watch. He especially loves to run around naked for the 60 seconds we will let him and yells "nakies" while doing this.Grant turned two in October. We had a dinosaur party with the family. We made a mistake by letting G open the bulldozer first, he wouldn't even look at the other gifts.

Such a boy. Here he is "driving" a tractor.

Singing debut!

Friday, September 9, 2011

A Summer Sampling

Wow! We have had a great summer from Mariner's games to the zoo. The Myer's Cabin to the Hagen's Cabin. From Grant's first corn on the cob to his fav- mac and cheese on the deck. We've made amazing memories and hope you enjoy these snaps.