Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hoppy Easter

We hosted Easter last weekend for both of our fams. The weather held out for the egg hunt and we had a champagne bar, who could ask for a better day?!

Look the easter bunny brings Tonka trucks with Justin Bieber CDs to our house!

His favorite gift of all...Biebs!

Kyle does his part by grating cheese for the word's best scalloped potatoes. I think he has some in his cheek like a little squirrel.

A little easter decor, Peeps galore! The trick is to let them sit out and get hard before you hot glue them. I used embroidery hoops for the wreath and topiaries.

A quick game of baseball with grandpa ken.

Amanda and Grant. Look closely to see what Grant is point at!

The easter egg hunt spectators.

And the cutest picture of them all...Amanda, Grant and Collin.