Friday, September 14, 2012

Getting into the Groove

Wow, these have been a busy 4 weeks since baby Bryce has arrived and boy do we miss our sleep!   Here is a little photo sampling of what we have been up to recently. Mostly, losts of time at home with rushed trips to Target or the grocery store in between feedings.
Grant will be more excited when Bryce can walk and talk. He thinks he is pretty boring right now, but does like to give him hugs and sing him songs.

This is Grant at Collin's baseball game. He is our little social butterfly. He came home with this catcher's helmet and some baseball cards, all given to him. He loves the helmet and wears it as he runs around the backyard.

 We see Bryce's eyes more and more, even though he is sleeping in all of these photos. He (of course) loves to watch Grant and knows his mommy's and daddy's voice and likes to look at our faces. He sleeps 3-4 hours at night and it can be stretched a little longer if Kyle is snuggling with him in the rocker. His favorite thing of all is to be held- our little snuggle bunny!

Grant is obsessed with corn and it does not help that he and Kyle pass by 3 corn stands on their way home everyday. He requests it almost daily and loves to help shuck it.

Passed out after an afternoon of playing hard in the summer. Notice the book he is sleeping on -- comfy!

 Amanda with her new cousin- so cute!

Here we are picking veggies in Snohomish. It was a great (and cheap) outing. I think we picked all we wanted and paid under $4! Grant loved the dirt and went back and forth between catching a ride and wanting to pull the wagon himself