Monday, April 9, 2012

The best Easter yet- must have been that sun

Amanda was so sweet to take Grant on quad rides. She was so careful and Grant just loved it. Look at him holding on - so cute!

As you can see, Grantie was channeling the 80s.
We had such a fun Easter weekend with lots of family time and candy eating. Grant likes chocolate the best and got to be pretty good at hunting eggs. He liked to shake the eggs before putting them in his basket -- and open them to sneak chocolate mid-hunt.
When we were home I was busy cooking making homemade cinnamon roles and two batched of my scalloped potatoes.
And Grant is very into the Wizard of Oz. On our way to Maple Valley he had us all singing the munchkin song, scarecrow song, yellow brick road and it goes on and on. I remember watching that moving 3 times in a row once when I was a kid.

Collin, Amanda and Grant

Grant was so pumped he ate nothing.

His Paul Frank sunglasses from Auntie Marcie were a huge hit.

The new smile...

P.S. Monika took all the great looking photos!