Monday, January 25, 2010

Around the House

First of all, I promised our number one baby, Gabby girl that she would make the post. Looks like we need to get someone a kitty bed.

Gabby had her friend Poppy for a 10 night slumber party. Here is the two of them playing in close proximity. Notice, I did not say play together, because they aren't that good of friends.

Kyle and I just love to hang out at home with our guy. We like to play, nap and see where the weekend takes us.

Grant is not too sure of his bumbo seat yet. I giggle ever time he sits in it. He just looks so funny because his body is disappears.

Grant loves to go in the stroller. You would think the gentle lulling of the walk would put him to sleep, but no. Kyle took him for an hour walk last week and he only slept the last 15 minutes. He just stare trees and sky with his big blue eyes. Poor winter baby, he barely knows what outside is! I just love his little hat and gloves!

His mouth has found....everything. Lots of things are going in his mouth now. Usually it is his hand, blankets, toys, and even mom's hair.

Grant watches his first sunset. Yes, Grant that orange thing is called the sun.....we will say hello again in May.

Grant is in the middle of putting on a post-bath show below. After his bath he kicks his legs and arms like a kid who has had too much sugar. It seriously took 12+ pictures to get one that was not blurry.

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