Monday, March 21, 2011

Suprise Papa!

We surprised dad with a wine tasting weekend in Chelan to celebrate his 60th- We taught G to say "surprise papa" and put his hands up in the air. G loved the "big car" we took to the wineries. We had a fabulous time- can you tell by the pic below?

We had a gorgeous 3-bendroom condo at the end of the lake with this view- Beautiful! And half price during the winter. We are at the Grandview.

See how low the lake was- don't try the slide!

Chompin' on the fake plant!

Enjoying the dry sunny weather.

My super cute sis. Check out more pictures from our trip at her blog- Myersville.

Monday, March 7, 2011


This weekend we went to the Penn Cove Mussel Fest in Coopeville for the 2nd year in a row. The weather turned out to be beautiful and the Chowder was great- Captain Whidbey's gets my vote for #1. My parents, kyle's parents, my sis, Finn, the Hammonds, and a Storm Trooper were all there. And "no" the storm trooper was not with us. This is goofball #1.

A colorful shot of canoes stacked at the end of the pier. Greeting card quality for sure!

G with his goofball grandpas.

And the main goofball.. Grantie. Here he is "driving" -his latest obsession. And I do mean obsession literally. He begs to go out into the garage every day and even turns over the his trike so he can "drive" the wheels.

Love this grin.

Look at this. G is saying "brrrrr", he loves to say this, probably because we laugh like crazy every time he does it. Our little goofball.