Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Morning

Grant's very first Christmas morning.... We opened presents and then go ready for the day. My family was over for a quick breakfast and then Kyle's family or dinner.

Kyle's toy assembly role has officially begun.

Good job dad (even though the seat was initially put on backwards)!

A Christmas doggie, complete with Grant's Santa bib.

Finny, you are so cute!

A Christmas snooze before the Woods' family arrives.

Kyle's parents and sister's family came to our house for Christmas Day dinner. I was so busy making dinner that I did not take any pictures of actual people. Amanda was excited about her Taylor Swift CD and requested a spoon to sing along. Collin had a hard time waiting to get home to open his giant lava lamp. We had a great time with the family.

The table before the party....

A couple photos Kyle snatched after dinner....

But Monika did get one of Grandma Woods and Grant....

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