Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Merry Snow!

Here is a few pictures from Christmas and playing in the snow this week.

Grant loved Santa. Here he is asking Santa "where is your sleigh?" and "where is your deers?" He was not afraid of Santa one bit - that is our outgoing little guy. Just this weekend he wanted to know where the tree went and were Santa went. He's at the North Pole getting ready for next year, we say.

Cousin love.
Grant has had so much fun in the snow. The other night when my parents were over we went for a walk in the neighborhood. Grant laid on his back on the sled and sang twinkle twinkle little star the whole way - it was adorable. His favorite thing to do is belly flop into the snow and then open his mouth for a little snow treat.

The Fam

Here are some fabulous family pics Monika took for us. It is so fun to have some new pics with all three of us!

If front of an old out house. Grant requested "the moon, the moon" for a picture shot.