Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A little January Catch Up

I thought you might like to see the silly 4 inch tall chicken that G loves, his name is Stinky Chicken. I thought this might be the last we saw of him, but after 7 days of being lost, Dad just found him behind a piece of furniture Yay!
We got to have the wonderful Campbell family over for the Seahawks game. We loved to see them. The twins are getting so big! It is really fun because they are starting to look the same age and do the same things. Here is Grant barging in for a drink of "wa wa."

Here is T's totally 80's hair! Don't you love it?

Our sweet little guy, sitting at the table like a big boy and then.....

you turn for a second and his is up on the table! Ugh- boys!

We have also had our 15 month Dr. appt. G weighs 24 lbs, in the 50th percentile and his height is in the 75th. Once again, Dr. Lester told us we have a "real social guy." No surprise there.
We have some new big words this week too:
-Thank you

Natalie, here is a model shot with the super cool hat you got G. Is this GQ quality, or what?? I mean the binky is soooo manly! We love it, thanks so much!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Year's in Chilly Chewelah

Happy 2011! We spent New Year's in Chewelah, a ski slope 1hr north of Spokane, at the Reinbold's beautiful home. There was a house-full, 20 of us. Including (2) 1 year olds. As always, we had a wonderful time.

It is literally a family play land- snowmobiling, skiing, hot tubbing, pool, and pinball. In addition to just plain vegging out, eating, and a little Wii , we enjoys some fun in the snow (it was a whopping 11 degrees in the afternoons).

This is ice on the deck railing. A purple, icy cold sunset.

One rare moment where G was sitting down.

Kyle fell in love with snowshoeing. I went up with him after he and Susie had plowed us a trail.

The trail.

The deep snow.

And, TA DA.... the view.

In auntie Marcie's new snowboarding boots.

Pink cheeks after some sledding.

Grant and Riley on a snowmobile, or as G says, "bike."

One other great memory was the snowmobile trip we took to the top of the mountain at night, brrr it was chilly, but is was very fun. Our trip was let by the two troublemakers, Tim and Derek. Thanks for the ride even though my face almost froze off. The face shield on my helmet froze over so I had to ride with it open! I tried to snap a picture at the top, this is all I got.....did I say "Brr?"

Lots of Christmas Fun

Wow, it has been a busy few weeks. We were away from home for both the Christmas and New Year's holidays. The decorations and lights are finally down and now we can see enjoy pictures from those great days that sped by way too fast.

We went the Warm Beach Lights of Xmas with the Fam. We battled a few drizzles and puddles, to see the amazing lights.

We had to keep the kettle corn dry!

Grant loved this ratty old bear. See how his nose is worn? He kept running after him- so funny.

G got to see lots of his aunt an uncle over the holidays and now can say their names. He never just says Chad in a normal voice, he shouts, "Chad!"

Then Santa came to visit Christmas Eve. He was in a hurry because he had so many gifts to deliver to little girls and boys. Grantie just loved Santa or as he says "Ka Ka." Thanks for stopping by and bringing everyone x-mas jammies.

This one picture from Christmas morning says it all. Papa's lap is his favorite place.

Christmas love for everyone. Here is Linus and Finn.