Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween 2009

We had a great time at Chad and Marcie's on Halloween. My family loves dressing up and handing out candy since we never had the chance in the house we grew up in (too long of a driveway). My Dad dressed as a spider's victim and scared kids on the front porch. The trick-o-treaters were too cute. My favorite costume was a 3 year old in a UPS costume. He collected candy in a little cardboard box!

Chad constructed an elaborate scene in the front yard. A vampire excavation gone horribly wrong. Eeeks!

Oh, and of we cannot forget Finnegan. The scariest dogzilla that ever was!

In case you cannot tell who we are:

Me- Fortune teller Kyle- Crown Royal Grant- cutie pie pumpkin Mom- Marcie in softball get up Dad- spider victim Chad- Deputy Garcia from Reno 911 Marcie- Deputy "Clemmie" Johnson from Reno 911

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  1. Rachel!! So the new facebook page had your picture on the side and made a "suggestion" that I write on your wall. ha! So I went to your page to say hi and see how you were and voila! You had a baby!! Congratulations! It's been too long. (ps found your blog too, so I will have to check it for updates. i love babies!!) So happy for you. How wonderful.