Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The best of May

Some of our fav pics from May.

Okay, this is the mad face. It is REALLY hard to catch in action, but here is a little peak. We laugh every time.

On the Harley and Grandma and Grandpa's. He loves that thing and even bobs his head along. He can balance pretty well, must be that big butt seat. He even sits on Grandpa's real Harley and they turn it on! I cannot believe it. That thing is loud and he likes it! He also sits on the Trail 90 motorcycle and honks its horn. Our motorcycle man.

He is moving like crazy. The baby gates are officially up. He loves to climb stairs and can make it all the way to our 2nd story. Of course I am right there with him! We are super careful because he is such a busy guy. He pulls up on everything he can and shimmies to the side a bit. He likes to pull his toys out of his toy box and play ball. He actually rolls it!

We taught him to do a high five, but it is pretty weak, more like a hand touch. He says "da da" out of context, but will say it to daddy really soon we think.

He is now eating "real" food in addition to baby food and formula. Besides biscuits and mum mum crackers his first food was pumpkin pancakes- now he is hooked! He LOVES pancakes. He made a big leap this month from barely getting food down to a eating professional. I do not think we have a picky eater on our hands, more like a baby vacuum. He loves peanut butter on bread, cheese, strawberries, chicken, (even rhubarb) pretty much anything we give him except bananas and broccoli.

Mom found a mini Poppy stuffed animal for Grant. Here is my Dad showing it off. It is pretty exact, yellow devil kitty eyes all!

While I was pregnant I craved milk, ice cream, cheese- anything that came from a cow. Grant obviously knew what he liked from the moment he was a sea monkey.

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