Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The 6 month update

We have been visiting friends, playing games, exploring outside, and not posting photos. We have lots to catch up. Grant is officially 1/2 year old. They sang happy 1/2 birthday to him at daycare on April 6- so cute.

He is busy, busy, busy these days. He is closer to crawling. He is up on all fours and rocking. He does a little tummy lunge and then gets back up on all fours. He thinks it is fun to squeal and is going to be a really loud kid we think.

He has also gotten really grabby, grabbing anything and everything he can include neck skin, ouch! We had him outside recently with the nice weather and he loves to grab the grass and plants.

He can get him to laugh by tickling his chunky legs and playing "I gonna get you." Here he is standing and holding onto his car seat.

These were my bunny slippers when I was a baby. They were the perfect size ans made for some pretty cute Easter pictures.

And the biggest news of all...Grant is sleeping through the night. It happened magically on March 31. We probably could have done it sooner but we are softies and since we work so much we kind of looked forward to the night time snuggle. We are enjoying the extra ZZZs.

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