Monday, March 8, 2010

Yay for Mussells!

My mom and dad have been going to the Penn Cove Mussellfest for years and invited Kyle and I this year. I really needed to get away especially since the all-consuming Harborview Gala is over (happy dance). It was a gorgeous day. Coopeville was so picturesque with little shops and a breathtaking view of the water. We loved it.

Here we are changing diapers in the trunk.. It would have been easier if we weren't parked on a hill.

Grantie and grandma jo jo.

The Fam.

Here is the star of the day.....mussells. The ones below were the most delicious. We gorged ourselves and even snuck some wine in dixie cups.

Grantie and grandpa.

We sneaked a peak at some daffodils in bloom in the Skagit Valley. Gorgeous! Also, the neat rows are so oddly satisfying to me- must be those type A genes.

Ahhhh, the best part of a busy day- a super tired baby. Besides the sweet, peaceful face and little snores, my favorite part is that an exhausted baby = more sleep for mom and dad.

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